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Hiba Wood Products

Hiba Wood Products

"Deodorizing, insect-repelling, relaxing."

From the Aomori Prefecture of Japan, hiba is a prized wood that has been used to build shrines, Buddhist temples, and palaces. A member of the cypress family, hiba is valued for its antiseptic, water-resistant, insect-repelling qualities. It naturally resists rot and mold, and it has a strong, fresh, woodsy scent.

With a lifespan of nearly three centuries, hiba is slow-growing and relatively scarce—making it a precious and protected resource. These products were made from the excess waste left over from larger projects harvested from 250 year old trees.

Hiba Wood 60g Sachet—this small, woven-cloth sachet contains hiba wood chips. Place in smaller dresser drawers to keep pests away and give your stored woolens a fresh scent.

Hiba Wood Essential Oil—this fragrant, multi-purpose oil can refresh your sachets, be dropped in a warm, relaxing bath or humidifier, or when washing laundry.

One 60 gram Hiba wood sachet.

Set of three Hiba wood closet sachets.

One Hiba wood slice.

12ml Hiba Wood Essential Oil.



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