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Heritage Shortbread

Heritage Shortbread

"A historic, Scottish recipe."

Willow McGrain’s secret recipe for authentic Scottish shortbread crossed the Atlantic, settled in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, and passed from mother to daughter for generations—without ever being written down!

Hand-crafted by Willow with the same techniques and natural ingredients used by her family for generations, Heritage Shortbread is a delicate biscuit with a timelessly sweet taste. Traced back to 12th century Scotland, this shortbread is a truly historic treasure!

Heritage Shortbread is available in beautiful, bright red packaging—you have the choice of a gleaming 6 oz tin, or a 4 oz box wrapped with a tartan ribbon.

Heritage Shortbread in 4 oz. box.

Heritage Shortbread in 6 oz. decorative tin.



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