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Hayward Using Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Hayward Using Brooklyn Tweed Loft

"Comfort and style."

Julie Hoover, part of the in-house design team at Brooklyn Tweed, set out to create something that was super chic but still equally comfortable and gave us Hayward. With a deep raglan yoke, generous ballet neckline and wide boxy shape, this pullover has a unique fit and just the right combination of both comfort and style.

Using Brooklyn Tweed's Loft a fingering weight all American woolHayward has strength, warmth, and an airy lightness all at once. Stockinette stitch throughout, and knit flat in pieces, pattern includes detailed tutorials on blocking, finishing, short rows and tubular cast-on. From a casual at home look to something more urban and on the go, soon to become a wardrobe staple.

Note: Because the garment is meant to be worn oversized, (shown on pattern cover's model with 14" of positive ease!) be sure to refer to our notes under Finished Dimensions in the Basic Details tab when choosing a size.

Grab the pattern and choose a color of Loft below (for a full selection of colors, see the Brooklyn Tweed Loft page).

Hayward by Julie Hoover; 8-page printed pattern (requires shipping).

COLOR: Homemade Jam.

COLOR: Long Johns.

COLOR: Camper.

COLOR: Wool Socks.

COLOR: Embers.

COLOR: Hayloft.


COLOR: Fauna.

COLOR: Tent.

COLOR: Button Jar.

COLOR: Birdbook.

COLOR: Artifact.

COLOR: Foothills.

COLOR: Faded Quilt.

COLOR: Almanac.

COLOR: Old World.

COLOR: Plume.

COLOR: Thistle.

COLOR: Blanket Fort.

COLOR: Postcard.

COLOR: Stormcloud.

COLOR: Truffle Hunt.

COLOR: Pumpernickel.

COLOR: Meteorite.

COLOR: Nest.

COLOR: Barn Owl.

COLOR: Woodsmoke.

COLOR: Fossil.

COLOR: Snowbound.

COLOR: Sweatshirt.

COLOR: Soot.

COLOR: Cast Iron.

COLOR: Tartan.

COLOR: Tallow.

COLOR: Cinnabar.

COLOR: Bale.



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