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Hawaiian Crisps Pineapple Gift Box

Hawaiian Crisps Pineapple Gift Box

"Snack, for goodness sake." 

Crispy like a chip, these ultra-thin, refreshing fruit slices are naturally dehydrated—and re-hydrate beautifully in hot or cold beverages. Unlike freeze-drying or sun-drying, which alter much of the fruit's natural qualities, this method allows a fruit to be what it should be—good to look at, good to taste, and good for you.

No added sugar, no preservatives, no sulphites, no added coloring. Good for raw or vegan diets, as well as kosher.

The gorgeous, cut-out gift box of Hawaiian Crisps makes a glamorous, delicious host or hostess gift!

Hawaiian Crisps Pineapple Gift Box.

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