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Hartley Greens Leeds Pottery

Hartley Greens Leeds Pottery

"Dreamy creamware from Cornish clay."

Originally founded in 1756, Hartley Greens & Company is one of the few remaining handcrafted potteries left in Stoke-on-Trent, England. We’re charmed by their Creamware, made from white Cornish clay combined with a translucent glaze that produces its characteristic pale cream color.

Fans of Downton Abbey may recognize this tableware in that used by the downstairs staff.

We like to pair the more pragmatic Hunslet Footed Mug with a doubly handy Tea Tidy for making a quick cuppa. Keep your tea hot while it’s steeping by placing the Tea Tidy on top of the mug, then use it to hold the tea bag once your tea is ready.

You'll also see the Creamer, Small Bowl and those adorable Egg Cups below.

Update: Because of a change in ownership at this English pottery, we will no longer be able to order these lovely pieces.

Footed Mug.

Tea Tidy.


Small Bowl.

Egg Cup.