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Hartland Slipper Socks Using Berroco Ultra Wool

Hartland Slipper Socks Using Berroco Ultra Wool

“Add a woolly bounce to your step.”

These slipper socks are sweet, neat, and ideal for warming up your feet. They were designed by Amy Christoffers for Berroco Portfolio Vol. 4 with a contrasting cuff and toe, and a pretty slip-stitch bud pattern around the ankle. Knit from the toe up in a woolly worsted-weight yarn, they’ve got that perfect squishy thickness protects your toes from chilly floors, adds a bit of bounce to your step, and is just right for relaxing around the house.

The Hartland Slipper Socks are knit in Ultra Wool—Berroco’s first 100% superwash wool yarn! This worsted-weight fiber has a nice, 4-ply twist that’s sturdy and machine washable (suited for slipper socks!) without compromising softness. With a rich selection of saturated solids and heathered shades, Ultra Wool forms fantastic footwear!

Pick up a copy of Berroco Portfolio Vol. 4 below for the pattern and choose your colors of Ultra Wool; you'll need 1 skein each of 2 colors. If you want to see all the colors available, just head over to the Berroco Ultra Wool page. (Please note that if you don't see the pattern book below, that means we are temporarily sold out. But we'll have more again soon, so please check back!)

Berroco Portfolio Vol. 4; soft cover; 71 pages; 15 designs.

COLOR: 33151 Beet Root. Deep maroon.

COLOR: 33145 Sour Cherry. Dark, heathered red.

COLOR: 33147 Stonewashed. Worn gray denim.

COLOR: 33154 Denim. New blue jeans.

COLOR: 33158 Rosemary. Heathered forest green.

COLOR: 33104 Driftwood. Soft brown with touches of grey.

COLOR: 33109 Fog. Murky, heathered gray.

COLOR: 33113 Black Pepper. Dark charcoal gray.

COLOR: 33115 Bear. Black bear brown.

COLOR: 33103 Wheat. Light beige.

COLOR: 33108 Frost. Cool, light gray.

COLOR: 3334 Cast Iron. Deep, solid black.



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