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Halló Sápa / Hello Soap

Halló Sápa / Hello Soap

"Beautifully, naturally cleansing."

Halló Sápa means ‘hello soap’ in Icelandic—and these soaps are a fresh way to greet your knitting hands. Two beautifully cleansing bars of soap by Kalastyle take advantage of two of Iceland’s natural elements to care for your hard-working fingers.

Volcanic Ash—pure, hand-harvested volcanic ash from Iceland’s geothermal lava fields is infused with Kalastyle’s custom palm and coconut oil soap base. The ash is naturally antibacterial, collagen-stimulating, and it absorbs dirt and toxins. The scent is at once fiery and gentle, like the warm remnants of woodsmoke on a clean, mountain breeze.

Angelica Herb—a natural source of Vitamin E and chlorophyll, the angelica herb has been growing in Iceland for over a millennium. And Kalastyle has infused this ‘super herb’ in their custom palm and coconut oil base for a soap that’s hydrating, detoxifying, and abundant in enzymes and minerals to keep your skin healthy. It smells sweetly floral, as soothing and refreshing as a passing rain shower.

Kalastyle’s soaps are Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable and cruelty-free. Each box contains a 4.3 oz / 122 gram bar of soap.

Volcanic Ash soap. 4.3 oz (122 gram) bar.

Angelica Herb soap. 4.3 oz (122 gram) bar.