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Gunpowder (also called Green Pearl tea) is a classic Chinese green tea that is rolled into tiny pellets to resemble the way gunpowder used to look two centuries ago. The tight rolling helps the tea retain the flavor and aroma for much longer than other green teas. Once it begins to steep, the leaves unfurl beautifully. Our Gunpowder is machine rolled, so the price is right for everyday sipping.

As a green breakfast tea, this Gunpowder is perfect. Because the tea is compressed, it will brew up into a rich liquor that is relatively hearty for a green tea. Start with a level teaspoon per cup; add more next time if you'd like it stronger. Do not steep it too long or it will taste bitter. It should be smooth on the tongue, and very satisfying.

Hot not boiling water (175 F). Steep 3 minutes. No milk, please.

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