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Gold Plated Vintage Dressmaker Scissors

Gold Plated Vintage Dressmaker Scissors

"Classic, Italian-made shears."

These gorgeous scissors—sleek, sturdy, and sharp—are perfectly suited to cutting through fabric, paper, and more. We’re offering two different sizes, 8 inches and 7 inches, each with a nice, in-hand heft. Made in Italy, the handles of these classic shears are coated in 21 karat gold—such a gorgeous gleam!

These Gold-Plated Dressmaker Scissors were a special find from a friend of Churchmouse. Packaged up for years, we peeled off the brittle plastic, cleaned them up, and admired their vintage look. We’ve added a nice length of Churchmouse ribbon—so you can keep them close!

7 inch gold plated shears.

8 inch gold plated shears.



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