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Garter Stitch Tumblers

Garter Stitch Tumblers

"New from Charan, biased garter stitch." 

Our good friend and artisan potter Charan Sachar created a limited supply of hand-built ceramic tumblers for us - he learned to knit at Churchmouse! These newest tumblers are wrapped in a field of clay garter stitch - on the bias! - and buttoned up artfully. Each feels wonderfully weighty in the hand.

Use your stoneware tumbler for a cuppa' tea or some other refreshing beverage. Or perch tumblers on your desk to hold pencils and pens, flowers, or your favorite needles and hooks.

They're food, dishwasher, and microwave safe, and come in four colorways: Charan's signature blue, yellow and green, and an exclusive cream just for Churchmouse. Each is approximately 4½" high with a 2½" diameter base, and holds approximately 10-oz of liquid. And each is a work of art!

Honey yellow garter stitch tumbler.

Green garter stitch tumbler.

Blue garter stitch tumbler.

Natural cream garter stitch tumbler.



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