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Fleece Artist Slubby Blue

Fleece Artist Slubby Blue

Fleece Artist Slubby Blue

Thick, thin, and everything in between, Slubby Blue has the quirky, rustic appeal of a hand-spun yarn. And because the locks have an extra long staple, BFL can be spun very softly and still hold together—just right for our loopy 'Woolly Wreath & Garland' pattern.

The talented dyers at Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia love the lustrous way Blue Face Leicester takes color and we've selected a few of their rich color combinations, from neutral to wow! They even created Evergreen, a gorgeous mix of greens — from deepest spruce to vibrant moss — just for us. Yet, we Northwesterners can't help ourselves — we also love the quiet coziness of the sheepy Natural (here, the sheep is the artist!).

50% Blue Face Leicester wool, 50% merino wool. Gentle hand wash.
125 G, 109 YDS (100M); 10 STS = 4"/10CM on US 11 (8MM).
COLOR: Natural. Undyed, pure cream.

COLOR: Red Fox. Rosy russet, smoky lavender and amber.

COLOR: Walnut. Warm brown, rosy cocoa, caramel and teal.

COLOR: Renaissance. Sapphire, ruby, emerald and aquamarine.

COLOR: Forest. Shadowed depths, from cedar to spruce.

COLOR: Evergreen. The primordial shades of a northwest rain forest.

COLOR: Masala. Curry, saffron, red pepper, cilantro leaf and sea blue.

COLOR: Brew. Teal, bronze, mauve, purples and olive green.

COLOR: Peridot. Soft, misty green and cloudy grey.

COLOR: November Sky. Aqua, cerulean, lavender and lichen.

COLOR: Beach House. Faded shades of aqua, lichen and weathered shingles.

NEW COLOR: Raven. Black and deep navy with pops of cobalt.

NEW COLOR: Bronze. Shades of bronze and gold with muted sage and mauve.

NEW COLOR: Winter Sleep. Teal, turquoise, yellow-greens and olive.



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