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Finlandia Fruit Marmalade Jellies

Finlandia Fruit Marmalade Jellies

"Sweet, juicy, fit for royalty!"

The glowing Fruit Marmalade Jellies are so tempting, they won’t last long once you’ve opened the box. The set of twelve candies—apricot, black currant, lemon, and strawberry marmalades—have a glittering, sugar-coated shell and a juicy, jelly center. Delicious!

The Fruit Marmalade Jellies are a Finnish treat with a long history. In 1902, these marmalades were sent to King Edward VII as a coronation gift. Since then, they have been given as wedding gifts to Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 and most recently to Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. The coronation crown still decorates the box!

Founded by Karl Fazer in 1891, this Finnish company combines a strong heritage of quality baked goods, confectionery, and more with modern innovations and sustainability.

Fruit marmalade jellies (12 pcs).



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