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Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin

Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin

"The building blocks of knitting."

‘As simple as garter stitch, as absorbing as the most fancypants color intricate as a handmade quilt.’ So Mason-Dixon describes ‘log cabin’ knitting in Field Guide No. 4. This single, simple technique provides you with building blocks—literally—for forming geometric shapes as complicated or uncomplicated as you like. Just knit a block, pick up stitches and knit another block. It works with any yarn, at any scale!

Three projects (one from the indomitable Kay and Ann of Mason-Dixon Knitting, two from the brilliant Ann Weaver) guide you through log cabin knitting. Start with the simple Log Cabin Cloths to learn the basic lessons of this technique, accompanied by a crash course in improvisation. Then, step it up with the Ninepatch Blanket, playing with color possibilities and seemingly random sequencing. Finally, the Sommerfield Shawl takes the knitted blocks to a whole new level—transparent and lacy, like a stained-glass window.

Brimming with amusing stories, tips, hints—and color photography as warm and homey as a cozy log cabin—this little Field Guide packs a big punch.

Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin. (Requires shipping.)



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