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Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns

Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns

"Make room for the unexpected."

Vibrant, multicolored hand-dyed yarns are the ‘ultimate limited edition.’ We see them at fiber festivals and local yarn stores and we simply cannot resist bringing them home! But then, they’re so beautiful in the skein it’s sometimes hard to imagine what those ‘wild yarns’ will become. Mason-Dixon Knitting has a few brilliant ideas on how to ‘embrace the randomness’ in Field Guide No. 3!

Three fantastic patterns work with the inherent nature of hand-dyed yarns—celebrating their individuality and artistry while leaving room for surprises amid the order of a pattern. The Leif Cowl by Dianna Walla puts wild color shifts front and center, using a traditional Norwegian motif as inspiration. Kirsten Kapur presents the Colorwash Scarf, with a perfectly formed swoosh shape and an open mesh section that plays with color pooling. Finally, the Easel Sweater (designed by Sue McCain and inspired by Jen Wroblewski) pairs a deep, rich solid body with riotous, multicolor sleeves for a truly show-stopping look.

Brimming with amusing stories, tips, hints—and color photography as lively as the ‘wild yarn’ itself—this little Field Guide packs a big punch.

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