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Fettle Using Erika Knight Wool Local

Fettle Using Erika Knight Wool Local

"Modern, straightforward style."

With a boxy silhouette and wide, three-quarter-length sleeves, Fettle is an open cardigan with an intriguing structure. Knit edge to edge with decorative lines of gently textured rib and broad panels of K2, P2 ribbing, Fettle is a straightforward knit with a modern look.

Fettle, designed for Erika Knight, is knit with two strands of fingering-weight Erika Knight Wool Local held together throughout. Wool Local is a yarn that’s scoured, combed, spun, dyed, steamed, and hanked in Yorkshire! A blend of wool from Bluefaced Leicester and Masham sheep (beloved Yorkshire locals), this yarn is soft, bouncy, and hardwearing. It’s both authentically British and environmentally sustainable!

Printed Fettle pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 801 Bennett. Heathered dusky blue.

COLOR: 802 Rosedale. Lovely English rose.

COLOR: 803 Fairfax. Creamy white.

COLOR: 804 Griststone. Neutral grey-beige.

COLOR: 805 Ted. Heathered cool toned brown.

COLOR: 806 Cathy. Charcoal black.



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