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Ferryboat Mitts Using Local Color Cascara Merino

Ferryboat Mitts Using Local Color Cascara Merino

"The yarn loves this ribbing."

These handsome mitts suit men and women alike. Perfect for a foggy morning commute across Puget Sound. Or keyboarding with the thermostat down. Or texting. Or knitting out of doors.

This version is knit in soft, light, three-ply merino wool dyed with with plants grown or foraged by the Bainbridge Island artists at Local Color Fiber Studio. Our sample colorway is Madder Dark, but imagine Grape Skin? Or Red Cabbage, which turns the yarn a beautiful pale greyjust like that foggy morning commute! It doesn't get more local than this! (Read more about this unique yarn here.)

Grab the pattern (if you don't already have it) and choose a fabulous natural color below. One skein is all you need for small/medium in either cuff length or medium/large in regular cuff length; if you want to make the larger size in arm-warmer length, you'll need a second skein.

Digital Ferryboat Mitts pattern. (Download)

Printed Ferryboat Mitts pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: Natural. Natural cream.

COLOR: Red Cabbage. Pale silver.

COLOR: Scabiosa. Spring grass green.

COLOR: Grape Skin. Muted, dusty, lavender pink.

COLOR: Madder Dark. Muted brick.

COLOR: Madder Light. Bright salmon.

COLOR: Onion Skin. Bright brassy gold.

COLOR: Marigold. Lemon yellow with a slightly green undertone.

COLOR: Rudbeckia. A lighter spring green with a slightly grey undertone.

COLOR: Indigo Dark. Vibrant blue sky.

COLOR: Indigo Medium. Hazy blue sky.

COLOR: Indigo Light. Palest icy aqua blue.





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