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Felted Ornaments Project

Felted Ornaments Project

Knit, felt, cut and decorate!

Everyone enjoys decorating our Felted Gingerbread Ornaments—make a party of it! After knitting and felting, cut cookie shapes and decorate as desired. Our pattern includes templates for a gingerbread boy and girl, three sizes of hearts and two sizes of stars (the smallest bite-size templates use up your little left-over bits). We've also included embroidery instructions for woolly “icing” decorations.

We have two ornament kits available. Gingerbread comes with red, cream and raisin-colored “frosting,” and Chocolate has red, white and sweet pink “frosting.” Now if only they were edible!

Printed Felted Ornaments pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Digital Felted Ornaments pattern. (Download)

Materials for "Gingerbread" Ornaments, with red, cream and raisin-colored "frosting."

Materials for "Chocolate" Ornaments, with red, white and pink "frosting."



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