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Farmhouse Biscuits

Farmhouse Biscuits

"50 years of baking traditions."

Farmhouse Biscuits’ passion for traditional baking is evident in everything they makefrom humble dunking biscuits to more indulgent sweets. The old family recipes that were baked in a modest Lancashire farmhouse kitchen have hardly changed in over 50 years.

Snowed in for nearly twelve weeks during the winter of 1962, the McIvor family worried that their stall at market would be too bare. So Dorothy McIvor decided to fill the empty space with biscuits and cakes that she herself had baked. And that was how one of Britain’s premier biscuit manufacturers was born!

Try the outstanding Oat Flips presented in retro-inspired round tinthey’re a Lancashire tradition and what made that market stall so popular.

Or perhaps you’ll love the Priory Crumble Biscuits in their tall drumeach wonderful crumb satisfies.

And how about the Mild Ginger Biscuitsthey’re lightly spiced and so, so scrumptious.

Tin of Oatflips (1 lb/494g).

Priory Crumble (6.7 oz/190g).

Mild Ginger (7 oz/200g).



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