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Fam 15 Sweater Using Lang Canapa

Fam 15 Sweater Using Lang Canapa

"Casual contemporary."

This sweater’s open fabric and relaxed fit make it a great, warm-weather top. A member of Lang’s Fatto a Mano #259 collection, its bold, two-toned color—the front and back are knit in two different, contrasting colors—and a deep side vent on one side give it a contemporary style. Tie the side vents together or let them swing free—it’s up to you!

This summer-weight sweater was knit in Lang Canapa held double throughout, a DK-weight 100% hemp yarn. Lightweight, crisp in hand, and with a palette of softly washed colors, Canapa promises to soften with each wear and wash. It’s just the right fiber for cool, airy garments.

Fatto a Mano Collection; softcover, 65 designs.

COLOR: 96 Linen. Bleached bone.

COLOR: 48 Straw. Glowing blush.

COLOR: 63 Terra-Cotta. Deep rosewood pink.

COLOR: 64 Bark. Burgundy-plum.

COLOR: 70 Dark Taupe. Dark sage-grey.

COLOR: 04 Black. Ebony black.

COLOR: 88 Teal. Lagoon blue.

COLOR: 59 Pumpkin. Bright carrot orange.

COLOR: 98 Olive. Mossy green.

COLOR: 05 Grey. Silvery grey.



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