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English Mesh Lace Scarf Using Manos Fino

English Mesh Lace Scarf Using Manos Fino

"A lovely way to learn lace."

The simple, yet lovely stitch pattern of the English Mesh Lace Scarf is perfect for learning to ‘read’ your knitting! A four-plus-four-row repeat and easy-to-see centered stitch alignments make it relaxing and satisfying—for accomplished lace knitters, too!

Our design team has created a free adaptation to our original English Mesh Lace Scarf so it can be knit in fingering-weight Manos Fino. Light, soft, and sleek, Fino’s single-ply strand combines merino wool with a glowing touch of silk. Knit up into the lovely lace of our scarf, it has warmth, drape, and a subtle gleam (it sneaks up on you!).

Digital English Mesh Lace Scarf pattern. (Download)

Printed English Mesh Lace Scarf pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Free digital English Mesh Lace Scarf adaptation for Manos Fino. (Download)

COLOR: 431 Chemise. Pale to rich pink flows into lavender.

COLOR: 416 Amethyst. Dark plum.

COLOR: 429 Storm Glass. Rain beading on a garden-facing window.

COLOR: 407 Velvet Pincushion. Mossy green.

COLOR: 419 Brass Button. Brass yellow and light tan.

COLOR: 411 Garnet Brooch. Deep crimson.

COLOR: 427 Mourning. Slate grey with a suggestion of blue.

COLOR: 440 Fleet. A coral reef hidden below tropical ocean water.





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