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Emma Bridgewater Seabirds Mug

Emma Bridgewater Seabirds Mug

"Fly to the seaside."

Sipping from this mug, you can almost hear the call of the gulls and sounds of the sea! The half-pint Seabirds Mug from Emma Bridgewater is lovingly illustrated with all manner of feathered friends—puffins, terns, gulls. Even the outspread wings of the cormorant (a familiar sight in our own Eagle Harbor) have a place.

Made by hand in one of the few remaining potteries in England, Emma Bridgewater housewares are handsome, sturdy, and collectible. This Seabird Mug mixes well with any creamware and is at home on the table, at a desk, or hanging from hooks on the Welsh dresser. To ask about other limited edition Emma items in stock, contact the shop.

Seabirds Half-Pint Mug.



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