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Emma Bridgewater Black Toast

Emma Bridgewater Black Toast

"The Black is back."

Emma had a few more words to say on her Black Toast line. Quite fun! The beautiful black letterforms flow smoothly across the cream-colored clay that's mined near this legendary pottery in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Emma's factory still uses traditional techniques to hand-fashion all her dear tableware -- everyday heirlooms that will bring joy to each day.

You'll find several striking pieces in this collection, all of which go nicely with the Black Willow pottery from Emma's immediate neighbors at the Burleigh factory.

Black Toast Half-Pint Mug.

Black Toast "Mr." Half-Pint Mug.

Black Toast "Mrs." Half-Pint Mug.

Black Toast Large Teacup.

Black Toast Crumb Plate.

Black Toast Saucer.

Black Toast French Bowl.

Black Toast Teapot.

Black Toast Sugar Pot.




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