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Embroidery Pocket Guide

Embroidery Pocket Guide

"A quick, clever companion."

Draw inspiration and instruction from this Embroidery Pocket Guide, useful to both new and established stitchers. It’s a quick, clever little companion to help you navigate basic embroidery stitches. Laminated for durability and folded accordion style, this pamphlet will tuck into any project bag. You’ll be sure to refer to it again and again.

With clear, thorough color illustrations of such basics as backstitches, blanket stitches, chain stitches, couching stitches, cross stitches, feather stitches, and more! Includes an informative table detailing what fabric, floss/yarn, and needles suit each other best, along with guidance on how to prepare yarns or floss, transfer designs, and begin and end your stitching.

'Embroidery Pocket Guide' laminated folded pamphlet.



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