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Eco Print Merino Scarves

Eco Print Merino Scarves

"Wearable masterpieces."

The rainwashed, winter-stilled woods of our island are beautifully reflected in these eco-print scarves by artist Paula Rindal. The images alternate between strikingly sharp or insubstantial and ghostly, perhaps calling to mind a walk through the misty forest. The sophisticated, sylvan color palette is naturally pulled from leaves, twigs, seedseven Churchmouse black tea leavesall from Bainbridge island.

Eco-printing is a contemporary technique derived from traditional plant-based dyeing. Natural pigments from leaves, twigs, seeds and roots are extracted using a combination of heat, pressure, and metal acting to fix them in place on fabricin this case semi-sheer merino wool. Paula says eco-printing provides a way to combine her love of nature and design in an organic and unpredictable way. Each scarf is an entirely unique, masterfully composed work of arta piece of our home embodied.

Scarves measure 11½ x 60"/29 x 152cm.

Eco Print Scarf; each is unique and will not be exactly as pictured.



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