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Easy Triangle Scarf Using Berroco Medina

Easy Triangle Scarf Using Berroco Medina

"Let the stripes ebb & flow."

A shallow, garter-stitch triangle, this simple scarf is a breeze to knit! Long, tapered ends offer tons of styling and tying options, while an eyelet edging adds interest. A little bit of fringe might bring some fun!

The clean simplicity of the Easy Triangle Scarf lets colorful, self-striping yarns, like Berroco Medina, shine. A DK-weight, smoothly soft cotton blend, Medina combines variegation and marling for warm shades of color that ebb and flow throughout your knitted fabric. Medina is Arabic for ‘town’—and it’s after the lovely, ancient towns of Northern Africa that these lovely, gradient colors are named!

COLOR: 4712 Fes. Washes between sky blue, teal, purple, and brass.

COLOR: 4715 Rabat. Washes between coral and pear, with hints of aqua and magenta.

COLOR: 4730 Marrakesh. Washes between sand, army green, burnt orange, and eggplant.

COLOR: 4744 Tangier. Washes between teal, emerald, and salmon.

COLOR: 4746 Tripoli. Washes between cobalt, ivy, and rose, with hints of brass.

COLOR: 4751 Tunis. Washes between magenta, teal, rose, and denim.

COLOR: 4763 Algiers. Washes between sky blue, denim, eggplant, and lilac.

COLOR: 4716 Nador. Washes between indigo, blush, and sage.

COLOR: 4720 Meknes. Washes between wine, rust, teal, rose, and olive.

COLOR: 4733 Agadir. Washes between navy, turquoise, teal, and graphite.

COLOR: 4750 Taza. Washes between brick, sky blue, and salmon.

COLOR: 4767 Oran. Washes between crimson, hunter green, mustard, and turquoise.

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