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Easy Folded Poncho Using Tahki Ripple

Easy Folded Poncho Using Tahki Ripple

"An intriguing take on an old favorite."

Our favorite poncho transcends the trends—and the seasons. It’s easy to knit (just one long stockinette rectangle), easy to finish, and easy to throw on. In a light and breezy fiber, it transforms into an elegantly cool layering piece.

Knit up with this undulating, mercerized cotton ribbon—Tahki Ripple—our poncho takes on an entirely new (and entirely intriguing) texture. This glowing, thick-and-thin fiber is eminently wearable as the weather turns warm. Ripple adds interest to the simplest of stitch patterns and a supple drape to this Churchmouse Classic!

Pick up the pattern below (if you don't already own it) and the free adaptation for using Ripple.  Then choose your color of Tahki Rippleyou'll need 6 skeins.

Digital Easy Folded Poncho pattern, plus free adaptation for Ripple. (Download)

Printed Easy Folded Poncho pattern, plus free adaptation for Ripple. (Requires shipping.)

Free adaptation explaining changes to your Easy Folded Poncho pattern for knitting with Ripple. (Download)

COLOR: 035 Dark Denim. Denim blue.

COLOR: 005 Ocean. Aqua blue.

COLOR: 046 Amber. Amber honey.

COLOR: 007 Fog. Creamy grey brown.

COLOR: 001 Pearl. Clean, bright white.

COLOR: 050 Dove Grey. Polished bone.

COLOR: 043 Charcoal. Matte gunmetal grey.

COLOR: 008 Ebony. Deep black.

COLOR: 051 Olive Green. Dusky olive green.

COLOR: 052 Red. Bright lipstick red.

COLOR: 053 Navy. Deep, rich, navy blue.





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