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Doris "Old Friends Are Best"

Doris "Old Friends Are Best"

"Tea with friends."

As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, we’re all turning to the simplest (and best) of pleasures: friendship. Gathering friends together for a spot of tea gives us a warmth that lasts long after the pot has cooled.

This teapot, mug, and its accompanying tea towel from Doris & Co. is perfect for celebrating and remembering friendship. The deep blue motif of forget-me-nots and oak leaves surrounding the text perfectly represents the love and enduring faithfulness that exists between the closest of friends.

The generously rounded teapot can amply supply tea for a whole party. The wide, curved handle provides for a good firm grip andcombined with the elegantly-constructed spoutensures a smooth, easy pour straight into the perfectly-sized half-pint mug. In case of drips, keep the tea towel nearby. Made from 100% cotton, it complements your creamware pot and mug while being hardy and easy to care for.

Each piece in this set is hand cast using time honored methods. Dishwasher safe and very resilient, they are made to last, just like the best friendships.

"Old Friends Are Best" half-pint mug.

"Old Friends Are Best" teapot.

"Old Friends Are Best" tea towel.