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Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

If we were to describe the perfect yarn for baby, this would be it: soft, squishy merino wool for all-season comfort; ultra-soft microfibre for washability and bounce; and a little cashmere for yet more softness and cozy warmth. The gauge is a little odd—between fingering and sport—so it's a little quicker to knit than traditional "baby" yarns but still light and fine. The round spin offers brilliant stitch definition. And the sophisticated color palette will please babies both classic and boho. Discerning grown-ups, too.

50% merino wool, 33% microfibre, 12% cashmere; machine washable.
50g, 137 yds (125m); 25 sts = 4"/10cm on US 3 (3.5mm).

COLOR: 050 Coral. Bright geranium.

COLOR: 063 Apricot. Light pumpkin.

COLOR: 052 Tangerine. Pale, peach blush.

COLOR: 601 Baby Pink. Pearly shell.

COLOR: 608 Pale Lilac. Faded dusty rose.

COLOR: 010 Lilac. Vintage violet.

COLOR: 051 Gentian. Periwinkle blue.

COLOR: 009 Slate. Lightly tarnished silver.

COLOR: 012 Silver. Palest polished pewter.

COLOR: 026 Duck Egg. Weathered teal.

COLOR: 072 Kingfisher. Emerald green.

COLOR: 047 Bright Green. Luscious lime.

COLOR: 018 Citrus. Pale, willow green.

COLOR: 101 Ecru. Eggshell.

COLOR: 053 Buttermilk. Creamy, vintage ivory.

COLOR: 102 Camel. Coffee with cream.

COLOR: 011 Chocolate. Double-shot espresso.

COLOR: 300 Black. Dark and inky.

COLOR: 008 Navy. Classic nautical blue.

COLOR: 207 Indigo. French blue.

COLOR: 060 Hot Pink. Bright peony pink.

COLOR: 076 Plum. Deep burgundy.

COLOR: 066 Amber. Mustard seed yellow.

COLOR: 067 Sienna. Bittersweet berries in a fall garden.

COLOR: 064 Mink. Very light brown.

COLOR: 700 Ruby. Fire engine red.

COLOR: 027 Denim. Classic blue jean blue.

COLOR: 068 Peach Melba. True peach, a hint of pink.

COLOR: 077 Forest. Dark olive green.

COLOR: 204 Aquamarine. Powder blue.

COLOR: 302 Drake. Vivid teal, right between green and blue.

COLOR: 600. Light Pink. Soft ballet slipper pink.

COLOR: 06 Candy Pink. Bubble gum pink.

COLOR: 58 Dark Grey. Dark stormcloud grey.

COLOR: 65 Clotted Cream. Warm creamy bisque.

COLOR: 70 Royal. Bold periwinkle blue.

COLOR: 91 Acid Yellow. Primary yellow with a slightly green undertone.

COLOR: 93 Clematis. Rosy orchid.

COLOR: 98 Tobacco. Army green with a yellow undertone.

COLOR: 99 Sea Green. Clear green seas.

COLOR: 302 Drake. Bright teal.

COLOR: 202 Light Blue. Dusty pale blue.



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