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Dana Herbert Stitch Markers

Dana Herbert Stitch Markers

"Jewelry on your needles."

We couldn't resist Dana Herbert's delicate tea leaf charm.  With just a hint of etching on the surface, this silver plate over brass leaf dangles beneath a season-inspired crystal stone. Attached to our very own seamless, nickel-plated stitch marker, and voila! Jewelry on your knitting needles! Just the right amount of dangle to mark your place, but not enough to get in the way.

Use the beautiful tea leaf marker on its own, (wouldn't this be so lovely on a slender chain with the crystal catching the light!) or as a 'beginning of round' markerwhile the other six divide up remaining stitches and sections.

Set contains six of our favorite nickel-plated stitch markers and one Dana Herbert Tea Leaf marker.

For Spring 2017, the Tea Leaf Charm is "Bright Pink", a radiant, popping, poke-in-the-eye pink; previous versions were dark grey hematite, wintry grey, spring green, chalcedony, and autumn red. Check back next season to add to your collection!

Handmade in Portland, Oregon. Approximately 1" in length; bead is just over 1/4" in circumference. 

Tea leaf stitch marker with grey crystal bead.

Tea leaf stitch marker with green crystal bead.

Tea leaf stitch marker with red crystal bead.

Tea leaf stitch marker with Chalcedony quartz bead.

Tea leaf stitch marker with hematite crystal bead.

Tea leaf stitch marker with bright pink bead.



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