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Daisy Hat Using Rowan Big Wool

Daisy Hat Using Rowan Big Wool

“You'll look sweet.”

Meet Daisy—Rowan’s bold, on-trend hat we’ve been longing for. A simple rib is striking when knit in a chunky weight yarn. It’s superbly easy and so, so quick. Knit one for a friend, knit one for you—you’ll both be warm on that bicycle built for two!

This hat was designed for Big Wool, a 100% merino wool from Rowan. It’s a woolly mammoth of a yarn at two stitches to the inch. But don’t worry! The bulk belies an easy-to-work softy that will knit up hat after hat in a jiff. You might need one in every color of our lovely, mellow palette.

Pick up the Big Wool Knits book and your yarn below; one skein of Big Wool is all you need. (Please note that if you don't see the pattern book below, that means we are temporarily sold out. But we'll have more again soon, so please check back!)

Big Wool Knits; soft cover; 64 pages; 8 designs.

COLOR: 8 Black. Black.

COLOR: 43 Forest. Forest green.

COLOR: 1 White Hot. Bright creamy white.

COLOR: 7 Smoky. Dark muted slate.

COLOR: 48 Linen. Pale natural linen.

COLOR: 79 Pantomime. Fuchsia pink.

COLOR: 64 Prize. Dusty mauve.

COLOR: 21 Ice Blue. Pale icy blue.



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