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Crocheted Passport Pouch Using Wool and the Gang Ra Ra Raffia

Crocheted Passport Pouch Using Wool and the Gang Ra Ra Raffia

"A lightweight, beach-ready bag."

Designed for the 2019 Puget Sound LYS Tour, this cute, crocheted bag—a free pattern—just feels like summer! With a simple shape and practical size—plenty roomy for your phone, wallet, keys, passport, etc.—and your choice of a crocheted or leather lacing strap, it’s quite easy to whip up. You might crochet one to match each sundress in your closet!

Wool and the Gang’s Ra-Ra Raffia is perfect for the Crocheted Passport Pouch. This biodegradable, vegan yarn is made of 100% long wood fiber—essentially paper. And it’s very crochet-friendly! Lightweight, quick-drying, and with an excellent structure, Ra-Ra Raffia performs perfectly in this little beach-ready pouch.

Free digital Crocheted Passport Pouch pattern. (Download)

COLOR: Ivory White. Creamy off-white.

COLOR: Tropez Tan. Coffee and cream.

COLOR: Desert Palm. Sandy beaches.

COLOR: Cinnamon Dust. Light terracotta.

COLOR: Dune Green. Spanish moss.

COLOR: Coal Black. Pure, deep, black.

COLOR: Midnight Blue. Deep navy blue.

COLOR: Bardot Red. Bright red with a twinge of orange.

Beige leather strap and pearlescent button.

Light brown leather strap and pearlescent button.

Dark brown leather strap and pearlescent button.





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