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Studio Carta Cotton Ribbon

Studio Carta Cotton Ribbon

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"For pretty packages and Woolly Wreaths."

We’ve gathered together these cotton ribbons, designed by Angela Liguori of Studio Carta, for any and every sort of festive embellishment you can think of!

For typography fans (which we are, avidly) the Calligraphy Ribbon is a special treat. Each wood spool holds 2 yards (1.8 m) of black cotton ribbon, silkscreen printed in raised, white ink with the complete alphabet of upper and lowercase letters.

The spools of Drittofilo ribbon (inspired by a visit to Rome) contain 20 yards each of ⅜" (10 mm) ribbon in a clean crisp palette. We’ve chosen natural cotton with a black border, natural cotton with a red border, and sand-colored cotton with a white border. For a bit of sparkle, how about natural cotton with a rose-gold border or silver border? Sweet!

The handsome wooden palettes of soft, 1½" ribbon contain 10 yards each. The red stripes on the natural cotton background are classic and nostalgic—and therefore essential to our wrapping/decorating needs!

Each of these ribbons is imported from Italy exclusively by Studio Carta—a design studio known for their custom ribbons, unique accessories, and fine stationery. They work directly with manufacturers who have been using the same quality materials and precise practices since the 19th century.

COLOR: Sand thin ribbon with white edging.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with red edging.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with black edging.

COLOR: Natural 1½" wide ribbon with red edging, wrapped on a wooden paddle.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with silver edging.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with rose gold edging.

COLOR: Black cotton ribbon with white calligraphy script alphabet.

COLOR: Solid red.

COLOR: Solid black.

COLOR: Solid fuchsia.

COLOR: Solid chartreuse.

COLOR: Solid blossom.

COLOR: Solid pool.

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