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Cornishware Mugs

Cornishware Mugs

"Timeless, durable, iconic."

Iconic British stoneware in characteristic Churchmouse black and white? We couldn’t resist! Wrap both hands around this striped mug and revel in the warmth of a steaming beverage. They’re gently tapered at the base with a comfortably curved handle that fits any grip. And the 12 oz size provides for a wonderfully generous cuppa.

Cornishware was first produced by T. G. Green in 1924 and has known roaring popularity ever since. The wide stripes that make this stoneware so recognizable were created using a nifty lathe-turning techniquethe colored slip was scraped away to reveal white bands of clay underneath. The timeless design would be at home in any kitchen, on any coffee table, and can fit either a modern or traditional style. We are absolutely elated to introduce this new addition to our English earthenware collection.

Cornishware is durable stoneware that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Additionally, it is oven proof up to 437℉ (225℃).

12 oz Black & Cream mug.

Set of 4 Black & Cream mugs (a $4 savings).