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Color-Tipped Beanie Using String Blossom

Color-Tipped Beanie Using String Blossom

"Cashmere & silk & a fab free pattern."

Our simple stockinette beanie has been a shop favorite as far back as we can remember. Super simple, knit in the round, and sized for any member of the family. But this onemaybe keep for you! Knit here in String Blossom, a smooth, high twist sport-weight yarn that flows easily across the needles with the perfect balance of cashmere and silk. Silk gives strength and structure to the beanie, but all you'll feel is the brushed downy cashmere. Ribbed brim keeps beanie snugly in place, with a hint of slouch in the back.

One skein of String Blossom will knit up into a gorgeous solid color beanie; we color-tipped ours with 10 yards of another shade of Blossom. Choose from one of our four tipping colors on our hand-wound spool tags. Two skeins will yield two beanies; save 10 yards from each to color tip the other! Warm, light, and soon essential.

You can pick up the pattern in "The Free Pattern" tab and choose a delicious hat color below. Each spool tag contains approximately 10 yards of yarn, enough to color-tip one adult-sized beanie (sold separately, below right).

COLOR: 308460 Old Rose. Faded pinkish red.

COLOR: 200004 Mushroom. Muted, heathered figgy brown.

COLOR: 308048 Citron. Golden chartreuse.

COLOR: 725618 Deep Navy. The perfect dark navy.

COLOR: 200072 Misty Grey. Luminous silvery grey.

COLOR: 200074 Heather Grey. Medium heathered grey.

COLOR: 200005 Charcoal. Darkest charcoal, almost faded black.

COLOR: 100002 Ivory. Soft cream.

TIPPING COLOR: 308048 Citron.

TIPPING COLOR: 308460 Old Rose.

TIPPING COLOR: 200072 Misty Grey.

TIPPING COLOR: 100002 Ivory.

COLOR: 309435 Brique. Reddish salmon.

COLOR: 309975 Albertine. Spanish moss.

Free digital Color-Tipped Blossom Beanie pattern. (Download)

NEW COLOR: 726398 Petal Pink.

TIPPING COLOR: 726398 Petal Pink.





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