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Color Play Scarf Using Shibui Silk Cloud

Color Play Scarf Using Shibui Silk Cloud

"Clouds of color."

We love how the shaded blocks of color develop as we knit our Color Play Mohair Scarf. Just seeing two tones meld together to create something new is so satisfying. And so when Shibui extended their Silk Cloud color palette, we were impatient to see how those glowing colors played together. Spoiler alert: gorgeously.

Shibui Silk Cloud is a lace-weight mohair blend with a core of silk (a significant 40%!) that lends beautiful luster to the strand and a subtle halo to your project. Holding two strands of this floaty fiber together throughout, try mixing tonal colors for ombré shading or cross the color wheel for graphic punch.

Grab the pattern below and then choose your four-color combination. Silk Cloud is knit at a slightly smaller gauge than our original (in Rowan Kidsilk Haze) and so we added a few stitches in order to maintain the original dimensions. Pick up the free adaptation to see the changes. We’ve provided some of our favorite colorways, but there is no reason why you can’t just travel on over to the Shibui Silk Cloud page to choose colors of your own.

Digital Color Play Scarf & Wrap pattern. (Download)

Printed Color Play Scarf & Wrap pattern. (Requires shipping)

Digital Adaptation (Download)

COLORWAY: Botanical (Apple, Pollen, Caffeine, Field).

COLORWAY: Flora (Raspberry, Bordeaux, Imperial, Velvet).

COLORWAY: Cartography (Ash, Ivory, Fog, Mineral).

COLORWAY: Oceana (Graphite, Fjord, Cove, Pool).

COLORWAY: Astral (Blueprint, Tar, Abyss, Suit).

COLORWAY: Dusk (Shore, Graphite, Dusk, Deepwater).

COLORWAY: Fog (Ivory, Bone, Ash, Fog).





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