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Cocoknits Sweater Workshop

Cocoknits Sweater Workshop

"Streamline sweater-knitting!"

Build your confidence and nurture your enthusiasm for sweater-knitting and -wearing with this fantastic book from Julie Weisenberger! Julie writes that she, “love[s] designing sweaters that women will actually wear and streamlining the knitting process so women will actually have time to knit them.” Using the Cocoknits Method of knitting simple, seamless, top-down, tailored sweaters, that’s exactly what she does.

The Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book includes nine sweater patterns for women and is filled with page after page of tips, techniques, and recommendations--even the Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet! It’s an innovative color-coded worksheet that, once filled in, will help keep you on track while knitting a sweater specially constructed to your specifications and preferences. So whether you’re new to sweater-knitting or a seasoned pro, this book will make the process easy and stress-free!

As a great sidekick to the book, we’re also offering the Sweater Worksheet Journal. It contains 24 blank Worksheets and can become a diary of your sweater knitting history!

Cocoknits Sweater Workshop by Julie Weisenberger; soft cover; 142 pages.

Sweater Worksheet Journal; soft cover; 24 worksheets + instructions for use.