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Cocoknits Maker's Keep

Cocoknits Maker's Keep

"A nifty companion for all things making."

The Maker’s Keep from Cocoknits is the savior of traveling knitters (and makers!) everywhere.

No more stitch markers, darning needles, pins, or other miscellaneous bits and bobs lost between seat cushions, under the couch, or down sidewalk cracks!

This nifty making companion sports a brushed steel-plated magnet to which all your metal tools are attracted. The 1.5” by 1.5” (3.8 cm by 3.8 cm) square magnet rests on a silicone ‘slap’ bracelet—it curls adjustably around your wrist (one size fits all) or it can snap flat. The reverse side of the bracelet features a little ruler—with measuring lines for both 5” and 10cm—for quick measurements. The magnet can slip along the length of the bracelet and can be removed completely, if you like.

The Maker’s Keep is available in five fun colors—slate grey, duckegg blue, chartreuse, tangerine, and hibiscus!


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