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Cobblestone Pullover Using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

Cobblestone Pullover Using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

"Timelessly masculine."

Cobblestone was Jared Flood’s first design—and a decade later the classic simplicity of this pullover for men is still timeless. That’s why Brooklyn Tweed released a 10th anniversary edition of this great pattern, knit in Shelter! The round garter yoke lends visual weight at the shoulder for a warm, masculine effect and a comfortable fit. Cobblestone is knit in the round for an intuitive knitting experience that’s as soothing as a cup of hot tea.

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, one of our favorite woolen-spun yarns, is perfect for this cozy pullover. Worsted-weight and spun from 100% Wyoming-grown Targhee-Columbia fleece, Shelter is multi-talented. Not only does it have beautiful stitch definition, it achieves the characteristic lofty spring beloved in woolen-spun yarns. And Brooklyn Tweed’s extensive color range of heathered solids makes it easy for you to find your favorite!

COLOR: Almanac.

COLOR: Long Johns.

COLOR: Soot.

COLOR: Sweatshirt.

COLOR: Artifact.

COLOR: Stormcloud.

COLOR: Meteorite.

COLOR: Barn Owl.

Printed Cobblestone Pullover pattern. (Requires shipping.)



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