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Churchmouse Recipes - Beverages

Churchmouse Recipes - Beverages

"Treat yourself to something yummy."

We’ve used some of our favorite pantry itemslike Chocolate Vitale, Earl Grey bulk tea, cacao tea and Oaties Biscuits to create delicious confections that make any moment special.

These treats are sure to become old favorites. Download your choice of free recipes from the tabs, and pick up the ingredients below.

Bon appetit!

"Erika and Gregory have made magic with two of our favorite flavors: chocolate and mint."

5 teaspoons Oliver Pluff Cacao Shell Tea
1 sachet Steve Smith Peppermint Leaves

Bring 32 oz water to a boil. In a 4-cup teapot, add the Cacao Shell Tea and fill with boiling water. Let steep 5 minutes, then add the sachet of Peppermint Leaves and steep an additional 5 minutes.

Strain into your favorite mug. Add a sprinkle of sugar to bring forward the chocolate flavor for an even more delightful cuppa. Serves 4.

Download printable "Peppermint Cacao Tea" recipe pdf to trim and fit inside your recipe box.

"A happy mix of two favorites. Earl Grey’s bergamot adds a mysterious whisper of citrus to rich chocolate."

1½ cup whole milk
2 tbsp. cream
2 tsp. loose leaf Earl Grey tea
⅓ cup Chocolat Vitale drinking chocolate (approx. half a 4-oz package)

Combine milk and cream in small saucepan over low heat and bring almost to a boil.

Remove from heat and stir in tea leaves. Cover and steep 8 minutes. Strain and pour back into saucepan. Add Chocolat Vitale and heat slowly, whisking constantly, until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth and foamy (but not boiling).

Serve immediately in a demitasse. Add a biscuit and you have dessert!

Makes 4–6 demitasse servings.

Download printable "Earl Grey Tea-Infused Drinking Chocolate" recipe pdf to trim and fit inside your recipe box.

Oliver Pluff Cacao Shell Tea

Steve Smith Peppermint Leaves

10 oz package Chocolat Vitale

8 oz Earl Grey tea