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Churchmouse Notebook

Churchmouse Notebook

"Staff tested, Mouse approved."

We designed this notebook for our staff on our 15th anniversary. Over the next year we observed that some used it for a knitter's notebook, some for a planner, others for a sketchbook, a design notebook, a coloring book, journal, or all of the above. And they've held up handsomely to a year of utility.

So now we'd like to share this tried-and-true notebook with you!

The hand-built 3-ring binder is covered in bookbinder's linen and filled with 125 pages of smooth-writing, uncoated 70-pound paper in five useful designs. Five solid black tabbed dividers separate sections for you to customize. Paper designs include fully ruled, half-ruled/half-blank, graph, dots, and graphic stockinette stitch. Large pocket inside back cover. The standard half-sheet size pops handily into your knitting bag.

On the cover is a subtly embossed Churchmouse tea leaf, and included is an optional bookplate to make your Notebook truly yours.

Refills available, see below. Each refill paper pack contains 50 sheets. Purchase individually by design, or order a full refill pack (250 pp., 5 designs), and save $5. Black dividers, made of reinforced 80-pound card stock, also available in sets of 5.

9" tall, 7¼" wide, and 1⅝" deep. Made in Seattle, Washington.

Binder with dividers and 5 types of paper.

Package of 5 black tabbed dividers (6 x 10").

Paper refill: fully ruled sheets.

Paper refill: half ruled/half blank.

Paper refill: graph paper.

Paper refill: all-over dots.

Paper refill: graphic stockinette stitch.

All 5 papers refills: fully ruled, half ruled/half blank, graph paper, all-over dots, stockinette stitch.



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