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Churchmouse Binders

Churchmouse Binders

"Mouse approved."

We designed a binder for our staff on our 15th anniversary. Over the next year, we observed that some used it for a knitter’s notebook, some for a planner, others for a sketchbook, a design notebook, a coloring book, journal, or all of the above. And they held up to all that utility! We’d love to share this tried-and-true binder with you!

The hand-built 3-ring binders are covered in bookbinder’s linen and embossed with a subtle Churchmouse tea leaf. Five solid black tabbed dividers provide separate sections for you to customize.

NEW! The Churchmouse Binder is available as part of a Planner Set, which includes the small binder, 5 tabbed dividers, 60 calendar pages, and 3 packs of paper (50 pages each): fully ruled, half ruled/half blank, dot grid. All of these types of paper and a few additional designs are offered as refills below.

The small binder measures 9" tall, 7¼" wide, and 1⅝" deep. Made in Seattle, Washington.

Large binder with 5 black tabbed dividers.

Package of 5 black tabbed dividers for large binder.

NEW! Planner Set: includes small binder, 5 tabs, 60 calendar pages, 3 packs of paper—50 pages each: fully ruled, half ruled/half blank, dot grid.

Small binder with 5 black tabbed dividers (without sheets).

Package of 5 black tabbed dividers for small binder.

Paper refill: fully ruled (50 sheets).

Paper refill: half ruled/half blank (50 sheets).

Paper refill: graph paper (50 sheets).

Paper refill: dot grid (50 sheets).

Paper refill: graphic stockinette stitch (50 sheets).

NEW! Paper refill: calendar pages (60 sheets).



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