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Brown Betty Teapots

Brown Betty Teapots

"A tea time classic."

We served tea from these homey teapots on the opening day of our shop in 2000. And they’ve been a Churchmouse favorite ever since! A quintessential British classic, these teapots have a nice, round shape—designed to allow tea leaves to swirl around as hot water is poured into the pot. That means more flavorful tea!

Brown Bettys were first created in Stoke-on-Trent from the local red clay. Once made into a pot and fired, the resulting ceramic piece is nice and sturdy—and retains heat well (also important for nicely flavored tea!). Plus, the iconic brown color—a manganese brown, or Rockingham, glaze—hides drips and tea stains over time (a feature well appreciated by busy households, from the Victorian age to the present)!

2 cup teapot.

4 cup teapot.

6 cup teapot.



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