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Boyfriend Watch Cap Using Blue Sky Organic Cotton Worsted

Boyfriend Watch Cap Using Blue Sky Organic Cotton Worsted

"Sailor style or slouchy—handsome either way."

Knit this cozy, deeply cuffed cap for him—and then borrow it back! It’s handsome worn turned up for traditional sailor style, but we love it uncuffed and slouchy, too. We’ve made the ribbed cuff nice and deep so you can fold it a long way up without the wrong side of the stockinette stitch showing. Plus, this cap is a quick knit, which is great because you’re bound to be asked for more.

The Boyfriend Watch Cap is plush and wonderfully soft in Blue Sky Fibers Organic Cotton. Cotton is soft by nature and this fiber lets all that natural softness bounce right through its loose 2-ply twist! Organic Cotton Worsted—100% certified organic and environmentally friendly—has a springy-ness that’s reminiscent of wool and a fantastic range of deeply saturated colors. Pick a soothing neutral or a fun pop—and then pick another!

Pick up the pattern and choose your color below. One skein is all it takes for this terrific topper.

Printed Boyfriend Watch Cap pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Digital Boyfriend Watch Cap pattern. (Download)

COLOR: 625 Graphite. Deep grey olive.

COLOR: 614  Drift Parchment.

COLOR: 635 Sleet. Cool cloudy grey.

COLOR: 624 Indigo. Deep, dark, saturated navy.

COLOR: 647 Bluefin. Denim.

COLOR: 641 True Red. Deep saturated crimson.

COLOR: 648 Plum Dusk. Deep taupe.



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