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Blocking Boards

Blocking Boards

"You'll never avoid blocking again." 

This simple piece of equipment will change your knitting life. Simply pull or smoosh your finished pieces to the desired dimensions, using the printed grid. Pin—at an angle, if you're steaming—into the tough cotton cover. (Our favorite T-pins are here.) The soft black backing won't scratch your table. Both sizes fold up to a 1.5" depth so you can slip them behind your armoire or sofa for storage using the handy web carrying handles.

With its 30 x 48" grid, the large board is perfect for blocking most sweater projects (larger projects might take two steps); the inches are helpfully marked in both directions. It's also great for shaping hand-washed sweaters while they dry.

The smaller size, with its 18 x 24" grid (also marked in centimeters), is excellent for blocking accessory projects—and swatches! All of our staff members have one of each size; placed end-on-end, they can handle virtually anything. Two-year manufacturer's warranty; details and care instructions included.

BACKORDERED. Because of production difficulties, our American manufacturer cannot promise to ship. Alas, we can't take orders until we have a specific timetable. Please check back. When supplies return, if ever, boards will drop-ship from Ohio. For most destinations, there is a special handling charge of $15 on large boards, $10 on small boards (in addition to our $7.50 flat shipping rate charged at check out). More remote zip and postal codes may have an additional charge apply; we will email or call for your approval before we ship.

Approx. 33 X 51"; folds to approx. 33 x 25.5".  $95 + 15. special handling.

Approx. 21 X 27"; folds to approx. 21 x 13.5".  $60 + 10. special handling.