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Blackwing Colors Colored Pencils

Blackwing Colors Colored Pencils

"Fabulous in form and function."

We have adored Blackwing pencils since we first touched that Japanese graphite to paper—so we were thrilled when Blackwing Colors arrived. Made of incense cedar and butter-soft Japanese wax, they glide over paper like a dream. Each of the twelve shades blend and shade beautifully—lightweight, sturdy, comfortable in hand, they’re such a pleasure to use! We’ll be pulling out the coloring books…

Each set of twelve silver-capped pencils is presented in a lovely black box with a magnetic closure. A clear plastic shield holds them in place inside on a soft foam bed. Gorgeous by design and engineered for performance, Blackwing pencils are a recent revival of a cult following that began in the 1930s. They are hands-down our favorite tools for charting, sketching, knitting notations, musings, and memos.

Blackwing Colors, set of 12.