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Black Willow Pottery

Black Willow Pottery

"A modern take on a timeless icon."

The Burleigh Factory in Stoke-on-Trent, one of England's longest-lasting and most treasured potteries, has put a modern touch on a familiar classic: the famous "Blue Willow" pattern in black.

The bowls are perfect for your morning porridge. The plates add elegance to your table. And the mugs were designed by tea drinkers, for tea drinkers, so they make sure that the design favors the flavor.

Even the most pleasant knitting projects go better with a good cup of tea. And a good tea tastes better in a good cup. It's true! And if the cup is pretty, all the better.

We think Burleigh Black Willow goes wonderfully well with Emma Bridgewater's Black Toast tableware (same region, same clay!) and will be stunning with silver.

Small teapot.

Large teapot.

Half-pint mug.

Small sugar bowl.

Large sugar bowl.

7½"/19cm plate.