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Big Wool Knits

Big Wool Knits

"Compelling, contemporary style."

Here’s a wee book of big knits! Big Wool Knits from Rowan is an exploration of simple stitch patterns in a super bulky yarn. They really take on a dynamic, modern pop. Eight wardrobe staples with a contemporary edge are featuredfrom an easy, one-size-fits-all hat, to supersized super-cozy wraps, to more complex pullovers and accessories. Compelling cables and textures provide a fascinating visual theme throughout.

Each garment showcases Rowan Big Wool, a woolly mammoth of a yarn at two stitches to the inch. But don’t worry! The bulk belies an easy-to-work-with softy that knits up any project in a jiff.

Big Wool Knits; soft cover; 64 pages; 8 designs.


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