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Berry Bowl

Berry Bowl

"Hand-thrown whimsy." 

Jennie Tang hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is better known in the fiber and pottery world simply as ‘Jennie the Potter.’ We are delighted to have another chance to collaborate with her on these one-of-a-kind berry bowls, just in time for blackberry and blueberry season! Of course, these bowls can hold much more than berries—oatmeal, ice cream, even flowers or a votive candle (they would be so pretty perched on a windowsill).

Jennie hand throws each piece in her studio, taking care to smooth the outside for later surface design, but saving the throwing lines in the interior of the piece. These lines preserve a memory of where her hands were at one specific moment in time—frozen once fired. Next, while the clay is still malleable, designs are impressed using a variety of hand-carved and -molded stamps, tools, and found objects. Our bowls were treated to summer berries—blueberries, raspberries, huckleberries—in blue and red, with pollen motes floating on the breeze. Each bowl is left to dry completely before its first bisque firing. Four more colors are applied during the glazing for a total of seven different layers of color. Like any handcrafted item, you may extend its life by gentle care and handwashing.

Berry Bowl. Hand-painted assorted berries and black dots.