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Basic Sock Using Regia Premium Alpaca Soft

Basic Sock Using Regia Premium Alpaca Soft

"Keep your toes warm and happy!"

Our mothers (and their mothers) knew this sock by heart—its vertical heel flap, turned heel, picked-up gussets, and grafted toe. For many of us, it’s the first sock we learned. We return again and again to this straightforward, comfy basic. Once you understand its simple structure, improvise to your heart’s content!

We designed a free, sport-weight adaptation to our Basic Sock pattern to knit them in Regia Premium Alpaca Soft. It creates the comfiest socks with the soft, fluffy touch of alpaca! This yarn blends high-quality merino wool from South Africa with baby suri alpaca and polyamide. The addition of alpaca fiber makes for a particularly smooth, cuddly touch to your handknit socks—sure to keep your fingers and toes happy!

Digital Basic Sock pattern (Download).

Printed Basic Sock pattern (Requires shipping).

Free digital Basic Sock adaptation (Download).

COLOR: 030 Rose Meliert. Pink and white marl.

COLOR: 040 Gold Meliert. Orangey yellow and white marl.

COLOR: 055 Nachtblau Meliert. Navy blue with touches of black.

COLOR: 090 Hellgrau Meliert. A hazy shade of winter.

COLOR: 095 Anthrazit Meliert. Soft steel grey.

COLOR: 099 Schwarz Meliert. Moonless inky black night.





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