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Ballard Wildflower Honey

Ballard Wildflower Honey

"Locals say, 'Best ever!'" 

More than one Islander has said how much they enjoy drizzling this natural sweetener on tea and toast. And they love Ballard Honey even more when they hear the story.

In Ballard, a Seattle urban neighborhood, bees were becoming more and more scarce. Then, resident Corky Luster started placing hives in backyards and on rooftops to "bring the bee back to Ballard." He founded a company that markets the honey he collects to pay for more hivesand fund education about the importance of the bee to our food supply.

Gotta love that: Local honey, from people who care, that happens to taste like "the best ever."

In beautiful glass jars, 5 oz or 12 oz. Color varies from light gold to medium amber. Taste consistently awesome.

5oz jar of honey.

12oz jar of honey.



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